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Our Story


We're Glad You're Here

We're a small business, but more importantly, we are consumers like you who buy online. I can't remember the last time we went to a mall and shopped for Christmas (thankfully, our son Jack still believes in Santa and the magic of Christmas). We like the convenience of buying online, but we also expect exceptional service and a sense of urgency with a helpful and friendly attitude when we have a question or an issue with our order.

There are many choices online when it comes to buying fragrances and beauty products online. We asked, "how do we set ourselves apart from the large fragrance sellers online?". After researching our competitors, the answer was obvious. We would offer competitive (and often lower) prices, free shipping, a straightforward buying experience, and, most important–the type of service that reaches the level of "remarkable."

There are companies in our daily lives that delight us by what they offer and how they treat us. If we contact them, they have a friendly attitude and a willingness to help. In some cases, they exceed our expectations because they put more importance on common sense than in the policies they created. In simple terms, we hope to delight you more than satisfy you by treating you the way we want to be treated. We hope your experience with us is remarkable and worthy of sharing with others.

All the Best,
Derald & Suzanne